10 Qualities of Real Men That Make Women Lose Their Minds

“What do women want?” That is a question that bothered a lot of brave men out there. They are really difficult to understand. Women have strange criteria when deciding who to like and who to avoid. That’s exactly one thing most men don’t understand. Women actually need lots of different things to fall in love with someone and one single thing to avoid someone (this is only applicable to the first contact). If a girl finds you attractive and if she starts going out with you and falls in love to some of your virtues, she is there to stay.

We’ve made a list of different qualities which will make any woman go crazy about someone. If you have these traits, you will be successful in relationships with women.

Sense of Humor

A smart and funny joke can be a good icebreaker. But don’t start joking about everything and don’t try too hard. You will only become a clown and nothing else. Good sense of humor is associated with a high level of intelligence and women love this.

Be Unique

Have you noticed that people who are in love always say that their other half is unique and not like the others? They always find one or more special things about you and in their heads you are special.


If you are a romantic soul, women will love that. That makes her feel loved and secure.


Let’s face it, there is no way that you can know if your next relationship (or the current one) is going to last forever. But, if you are a strong person, dependable person, chances that your “better half” is going to leave you are very slim.

Good Manners

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That is one of the most important things because anything less of it or something opposite of it would be a real deal-breaker. There aren’t many real gentlemen left and if you are even a 10% of something that was once a norm, you have hit a jackpot.

Be Understanding

Women and men alike need someone to understand them. You sometimes simply don’t want to talk and you need someone to understand your silence, your look, your moves, and your sighs. That is something you develop over years in a relationship, but there are those people who immediately understand you.

Caring and Paying Attention

Listen to the women in your lives. I don’t care if that is your sister, mother, grandmother, causing, girlfriend or a wife. You need to listen and pay attention to their every word. That’s how you will know what they like and what they don’t like. If you keep doing things they like, that means you care about them, which means that you will also care about your children and be a great father, which again means more love.


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Being generous doesn’t mean that you need to give money. You need to give your time and attention. You need to give some love, you need to open up (not too much!). Make her smile. Make her happy!

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