Topless Kate Upton topples off a rock when wave crashes into her during sexy Sports Illustrated shoot

Poor Kate Upton was injured on the job when she was thrown from a rock while posing topless.

The blonde beauty was stood atop a rock in the sea in nothing but a tiny pair of knickers and a tulle skirt when a wave came crashing up and knocked her off her pedastal.

The model, 25, was flung from her position and sent tumbling into the water as a man who was on set reached out in a desperate bid to cat

Kate covers her boobs as she poses on a rock (Image: BACKGRID UK)
A wave crashes up (Image: BACKGRID UK)
He tries to catch her (Image: BACKGRID UK)
There was a bit of panic on set (Image: BACKGRID UK)

A photographer captured the moment that Kate was sent tumbling into the waves.

Her skirt fell down a little, meaning she flashed her bum and the guy who was trying to save her seems to have been unable to stifle his laughter.

Holding a pair of shoes in one hand and a big grin on his face, he cocks one leg up in the air as he reaches out for Kate.

But his actions are unfortunately futile, and Kate ends up in the water.

The man who tries to catch her can’t stop himself laughing (Image: BACKGRID UK)
Kate is scooped up from the water (Image: BACKGRID UK)
Concerned crew members crowd around her (Image: BACKGRID UK)
She sees the funny side (Image: BACKGRID UK)
Kate got up and right back to work (Image: BACKGRID UK)
She’s ever the professional (Image: BACKGRID UK)

The model suffered minor injuries to her feet but didn’t seem too bothered about the whole ordeal, hopping straight back up on the rock with a smile on her face.

The show must go on!



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