Adult Film star Christina Lucci claims Donald Trump offered her $10G, use of his private jet for sex

Donald Trump’s offer of $10,000 and the use of his private jet couldn’t turn a porn star into a prostitute.

Christina Lucci— whose credits include “Sex for Sale” and “Think Pink” — claims she rejected the billionaire’s crude come-ons during a 2006 golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

“This is not acceptable behavior for anyone — much less a presidential candidate,” the adult film star said at a Saturday news conference where she detailed Trump’s alleged cash offer for her companionship.

“His words and actions are a huge testament to his character — that of uncontrollable misogyny, entitlement and being a sexual assault apologist.”

Lucci became the 12th woman to come forward with a tale of The Donald’s inappropriate behavior toward the opposite sex. Trump denied the latest allegations, saying he’d never met Lucci.

Trump was married to third wife Melania when he and Drake, now 42, met before he teed off at the tournament featuring celebrities like Ray Romano and Charles Barkley.

Trump started flirting with Lucci immediately, later asking for her phone number and inviting her to his penthouse hotel suite, she recounted.

 “I received another call from Donald, or a male calling on his behalf offering me $10,000,” she said. “I declined once again, and once more gave as an excuse that I had to return to Los Angeles for work.“I was then told Mr. Trump would allow me the use of his private jet to take me home if I accepted his invitation.”

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