Ann Margaret Deville: A Teacher Suspended for Sitting On Student!

Many awkward and jaw dropping news makes round throughout the media world each and everyday, The story of Ann Margaret Deville is such. The teacher based in Iowa sat on a student’s face and left him without air to breathe while farting in front of other students in the class. This was just because that student allegedly claimed Ann Margaret Deville to be a lady with an ugly ass mostly because of her 425 pound body.

Ann Margaret Deville

One can understand that commenting this way to a fat lady does sound ridiculous but the act of her does not justify to be the apt punishment handed over to the student by this lady. There could have been other ways she could have thought of but this act of her shows how saddist this lady Ann Margaret Deville is.

Ann Margaret Deville age is said to be around 34 years. She is arrested by the police of Iowa for her terribly disgusting act. Though no one knows how the court order will pan out but the act of the saddist teacher has been the talk of the town.

This news was first reported in the World News Daily Report. Then this flew as the air started blowing over the internet.

The biggest catch in the story is that this is a fake story making rounds as a true story. This act of news media who make it out to be true story without digging deep must be condemned as this threats the real reporting which is the basic essence of the journalism. How cannot as a reporter one cannot try to find the root fact and contradicting points before publishing the news as a real news? It just creates havocs in the minds of the readers.

So, be calm and enjoy this as a fake story as published initially under fake story disclaimer which other news medias missed easily without noticing.


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