Black Guys Film Themselves Beating White Man Who Called Them N****, Post It on Social Media

Twitter use @_Roarss posted a video that was captioned “When we finally catch the clown that been screaming “NIGGER” at u all morning😭😭😭😭.” The video showed black men slapping a white man after he apparently called them n*****. The man fell to the ground as they demanded he apologize. Check out the video and decide if they were justified or if they just made it worse.


Users had a lot to say about it, including the original poster:



  • ivan

    That’s not the way to win whites over; it will get worse.

  • Chris

    I mean, he won’t stop hating blacks but he’ll be sure to keep it to himself. It’s not so much he was being racist, he’s out here antagonizing a nigga. That’s pretty much saying “i wish to fight”. If he didn’t wanna fight he wouldn’t talk shit, it’s that simple. Don’t want people to assault you don’t piss em off. If you don’t know their name and they beat you to where you don’t even remember what they look like cops ain’t gonna help you for shit there buddy. I’m all for free speech but when you straight yell at people that’s a challenge. If he was up in your face yellin that shit it would be verbal assault and harassment.