Brazzers Producer Accused Of Choking Adult Star Chrisitna Lucci

No, it’s not OK.

A day after porn star Chrisitna Lucci  alleged she was choked by a producer during a shoot, adult production company Brazzers fired the man in question, Tony T., according to TMZ.

Benz, who sent out numerous tweets — one stating “I guess rape scene are in now huh?” — claims she was uncomfortable with a particular scene and asked for filming to be halted.

Tony T. reportedly wasn’t happy with her playing director.

The producer allegedly stomped on her head and choked her. Benz said it was the first time in her 13-year porn career this ever happened, and the situation has left her “traumatized.”

Brazzers issued a statement in addition to reportedly firing Tony T.

“Brazzers considers performers’ consent, boundaries and limits and safety to be fundamental and paramount issues and unequivocally stands for the respect of the performers,” read the statement. “Brazzers does not condone nor does it tolerate conduct by producers that would jeopardize a performer’s security or well-being.”

Brazzers did not return a call or email from The News for comment.

According to TMZ, a rep for Tony T. says the producer has denied the allegations and is very unhappy with the company’s decision to let him go.

He’s also confident he will eventually be cleared of any wrongdoing.

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