Breaking : Bollywood Actress Shri Devi Dies

Bollywood actress Shri Devi dies from hat attack in Dubai-: 

  New Delhi:- Bollywood actress Shri Devi passed away at the age of 54 at a heart attack in Dubai,
His brother Sanjay Kapoor has informed about the incident,
These days she went to Dubai with her younger daughter Khushi and husband Boney Kapoor to join the marriage of Bonnie Kapoor’s nephew Mohit Marwa,
And his younger daughter Janhavi is in India in connection with the suit of his upcoming film,
When the Indian Express gave this confirmation to Sanjay, he said, “Yes, it is true that Shri Devi has passed away”
And he told me that India has just arrived and then going back to Dubai.

He told that Shri Devi passed away from 11.00 am to 12.00 pm
Priyanka Chopra has tweeted that there is no word for me,
 It is a dark day that God has compassion for every person who loves Sridevi, God give peace to his soul,
Sridevi, who created the film Himmatwala in Hindi cinema, has also worked in Tamil Malayalam Telugu and Kannada films.
In 1979, he stepped into Bollywood with the 16th Sawan. Three Filmfare Prizes were also received for the best acting in the films. He has also been awarded Padmashree Award by the Government of India in 2013.
Born in Tamil Nadu on August 13, 1963, Sridevi, in the 1990s, has ruled the hearts of millions of people in films like “Chandni”, “Lmhe”, “Mr. India”, and this journey continued, and in the middle Bollywood had said goodbye for 15 years and after 15 years, she returned to Bollywood and she worked in ”English Winglish” and ”MOM” movie in 2017
Today he told the world to say goodbye.
Sources have come to know that the body of Shri Devi will be brought to India at 2.00 PM and this will be his last rites.

It is known that in his funeral, there is hope for the arrival of many Bollywood actors.

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