BREAKING: Jason Chaffetz Opens Investigation Into Barack Obama – FINALLY!

According to Politico, Republican leaders of the House oversight committee have launched a massive investigation into whether the Obama administration, in trying to pass a nuclear deal and prisoner swap with Iran last year, undermined a U.S. counterproliferation effort to stop Iranian weapons trafficking networks.

We all knew this deal was bad, on so many levels, but this new report confirms our worst suspicions.

In a May 5 letter, Republican Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Ron DeSantis asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to produce Justice Department documents they said would “help the Committee in better understanding these issues.”

They sent the same letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson demanding all related documents to the Iran deal in the State Department’s possession.

Chaffetz has given both officials a May 19 deadline to provide one copy of them to committee Republicans, and another to committee Democrats.

Chaffetz also wrote to the officials, “please also make your staff available for a briefing on these issues no later than May 25.”

Chaffetz wants information on a January 16, 2016 prisoner exchange agreement with Iran and information, “for whom any enforcement action was modified or cancelled in connection with the [swap], and indicate the action taken and how it was modified or cancelled.”

And for, “any Iranian national or entity investigated for, charged with, or convicted of engaging in violations of export controls, terrorism, arms sales, nonproliferation, money laundering, or other financial crimes, from January 1, 2013, to the present.”

13 Senators signed a letter to the officials backing up Chaffetz. The letter reads:

“We write to request your assistance in providing Congress with more information regarding the Obama Administration’s decision to drop the charges or convictions in the 21 cases. Based on new reports, we are concerned that President Obama and certain previous administration officials intentionally suppressed the seriousness of the charges against these individuals in order to garner public support for the nuclear deal with Iran, and we fear that these individuals may still pose a threat to the national security of the United States.”

Time’s up Barack, justice is just around the corner. And it will be swift and painful.

H/T: World News Politics

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