Christina Lucci Know How To Pose Masterfully

You may have read the title and thought “Who the hell is Christina Lucci?” Well, just in case you did, we got you covered today. We got you covered as her clothes barely cover her.

Now as you happily stare at all of these pics, we will try to educate you. Now you may not learn anything from this besides that she’s super sexy. And to be clear, that basically sums everything up anyway.


Can you believe that she was born May 15, 1985? We are having a hard time processing this smokeshow is about to be 32 in a month! But being born on May 15th makes her the sexiest Taurus out there!

Her initial claim to fame was being widely recognized as a `non-nude` Internet model. Now today, we are highlighting that aspect of her career. But don’t you worry, there is another aspect that we will talk about.


She has done many photo sets and videos in sexy, see-through clothing. But she still wasn’t doing any nude shots. A fun fact about her is that she appeared in Eminem video “Ass Like That”

Not even Eminem could resist her insane beauty! And we are so glad that he put her in the video. The whole world should be able to see Christina and her amazing assets!


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