LYIN’ BRAZILE: Ignore Any Evidence Linking DNC Staff To Wikileaks

Documented liar Donna Brazile is warning people to ignore evidence that links DNC staff to the WikiLeaks scandal that has sent the Democratic party into a tail spin…

The Daily Caller reported:

A campaign operative warns that if emails are found linking a slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer to the 2016 leak of thousands of the partisan organization’s internal emails, they should be disregarded because they could have been altered.

Brad Bauman issued the warning, which rehashes the DNC’s damage control strategy in the aftermath of Wikileaks publishing more than 44,000 internal committee emails. The leaks showed Donna Brazile, another Democratic campaign operative, tipped off former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about debate questions in advance, among other revelations.

Brazile and other Democrats claimed for months the emails were “falsified.” However, Brazile admitted in March 2017 that the emails Wikileaks published were real, and she called giving the debate question to Clinton a “mistake I will forever regret.”

Fox News reported Tuesday that former homicide detective-turned-private investigator Rod Wheeler and an unnamed law enforcement source said DNC data employee Seth Rich sent his employer’s emails to Wikileaks before he was fatally wounded walking home late at night in the affluent Northwest side of Washington D.C.

Her comments are most likely the kiss of death for Democrats, if more information begins to come out about the murder of Seth Rich there is a good chance people will start going to jail. 

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