Michael Moore Admits He Hates Trump So Much That He’d Rather Have North Korea Nuke Us To Death – Conservative 101

We all knew that Michael Moore hates President Trump. But he just made it clear that he would rather have North Korea bomb us to death than live in a country under Trump. In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Moore gave an answer so extreme that even MSNBC’s reporter were furious.

“When I read the news from North Korea there was another missile test that failed, we’ll be getting probably some official statements on that. I find myself genuinely rooting for [Trump} to handle the Korean situation well, I mean there’s all sorts of areas where I am, you are rooting for the man to be competent and effective,” said Hayes.

Yes, even if you don’t like President Trump, it should be common sense that you want him to stop another country from launching missiles at us. However, Michael Moore disagreed. “I don’t know if I agree with that,” said Moore. “You’re not rooting him to deal with North Korea well?!” Hayes screamed back.

“It’s like rooting for a six-year-old who suddenly swiped his dad’s car and figured out how to take it down the road. I’m not rooting for the six year old to get on the highway and drive that car! I want the six year old off the highway, that’s essentially what we got. Just the implication of what you’re saying means that he could possibly find a sane way and a safe way to figure out how to deal with it,” explained Moore.

“I would like to avoid nuclear war and I’m fervently hoping that the president of the United States navigates us in a safe direction away from that,” responded Hayes. “Well, you got the wrong person,” said Moore. Wow. Check out the video below



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