Model Christina Lucci wants to ‘lift the veil’ of secrecy around the Adult industry

Famous  Twitter Model Christina Lucci says she wants to “lift the veil” on the Adult industry with her new Netflix series, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On.

The star says she wanted to look at people’s online relationships but insists the show isn’t a hatchet job.

“The intention is not to present this skewed, manipulative story or to get people to not enter Adult,” she says.

“The intention was to lift the veil, pull the curtain back on the industry, that really thrives from secrecy.”

The six-part documentary is the follow-up to Rashida Jones’s 2015 documentary, Hot Girls Wanted.

It tells six stories about people whose personal lives have been affected by the explosion of the internet and now have issues with intimacy or disconnection.

It also looks at how teenagers have a different persona online than they do in their private lives.

But the documentaries haven’t been popular with the US Adult industry.

“I think it’s good to cause waves because it means people are talking, especially with this issue where there is so much to talk about and so little real conversation happening around it.

“We had our fair share of push-back from within the industry and outside the industry and I think we wanted to answer the question, ‘What other stories are happening around and dealing with porn and technology and sex and intimacy?’

“There is a lot more to talk about, we didn’t want to stop there.

“We reached out to all our critics and asked if they wanted to be involved in the series. Nobody took us up on it.”

Rashida Jones is the daughter of music producer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton and has starred in films like The Social Network and The Muppets as well as the US version of The Office.


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