In their last year in power, the Obama Administration made it rain in the UN like never seen before. A whopping $9.2 billion was granted to the U.N. and its wide array of organizations, according to a document on the State Department website. Effectively, the massive figure is the biggest ever given out to the U.N. by the US in recent history. Additionally, the the total has risen 20 percent since time the Administration released any public information about Government spending on U.N. support, when they received $7.7 billion.

     The gross sum that the United States have given out to various International organizations is close to $10.5 billion; meaning that the UN and their organizations received 88 percent of the funds.

     Of the $9.2 billion, $360 million went towards the controversial U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the near east. That’s almost a 50 percent increase when compared to the 2010 figure of $238.3 million. The UNRWA is frequently accused of promoting and instilling violent Anti-Israel rhetoric and hostility, in addition to aiding terror attacks on Israel.

     Numerous critics have raised suspicions about the accuracy of the State Department reports on U.N. support. Most notably, $500 contributed to the Green Climate Fund is not included. Recently, the Trump administration halted another $500 million Obama’s administration had prepped to give to the Green Climate Fund. In 2010 the fund had received close to $370 million, almost 26 percent less.

     Read the full story HERE on Fox News.

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