Obama “Shadow Government” Strikes, Makes Nasty Move To Endanger Every American

Holdovers of the Obama era and members of the non-elected bureaucracy are undermining President Trump, and are actively endangering our security as a result. We can’t let this stand!

Agents are speaking out against the decisions of holdover management from the Obama administration who have ordered Border Patrol Agents to leave 40 miles of the border unguarded in North Texas. (via Breitbart Texas)

The manager of the Havre sector issued an order to agents telling them not to patrol any area outside of their assigned zone.

Someone needs to let this guy know that the Obama era is over, and you can’t just continue the policy of the former government because you feel like it, especially when that policy is so irresponsible.

The Havre sector maintains six patrol stations, and the order was issued to agents of one station. The station in question patrols over 60 miles of the border in North Texas and is split into multiple zones.

The agents were warned to stay within their own zone, however, the other zones are left completely unmanned and insecure. Of the 60 miles of border that the stations patrol, only 20 miles are actively guarded.

The agents told reporters that the odd order is a result of policies left in place from the Obama administration, and widespread corruption in the upper levels of management within the Havre section.

The President of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, confirmed that the order was issued. He told reporters that the Havre section has had more complaints filed against them than any other sector.

However, despite the widespread complaints, wrongdoing has never been proven. Management is sent to investigate and often protect their decisions. People who have never patrolled an inch of the border are making decisions based on ideology instead of fact.

Border Agents stationed in this station of the Havre sector argued with management that the decision was dangerous and opens up the border to smugglers and gangs. They warned the manager that the order could be considered dereliction of duty, and it actively betrayed the wishes of President Trump.

The Obama-era manager was unconvinced and refused to offer reasoning for why he thinks the order is ethical.

The only rational explanation for the order is corruption. And, clearly, the manager knows that, or he would explain himself.

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