orange alligator spotted in South Carolina

A Florida alligator has been nicknamed the ‘Trumpgator’ for its bizarre orange hue.

The bright orange gator was spotted climbing out of a pond in Hanahan, South Carolina on Tuesday – the alarm and amusement of the locals.

‘It’s a Trumpagator,’ one local resident commented on the private Tanner Plantation and Foster Creek Community Facebook page, in reference to President Donald Trump’s apparent love of orange fake tan.

On Twitter, another joked that the Trumpgator was from the ‘recently drained swamp’ in reference to claims from President Trump that he would ‘drain the swamp’ of self-serving politicians in Washington.

Locals say the gator is between 4-5 feet long and appears a terracotta color.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it,’ one onlooker told WCBD.

Hanahan resident Stephen Tatum spotted the reptile near a pond in the small town and snapped a quick picture.

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