Oxygen For Healing! The Big Secret!

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The Importance of Oxygen In Fighting Diseases from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

See why everybody needs  APeX – Anti Pathogen Extreme, Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial and our Bioavailable Copper at www.mitocopper.com   Use Coupon Code: glenn for 10% discount.  Also get more info on 100% absorption of vitamins and minters at www.prodo1.com Email me at glenn@nsearch.com   Very informative interview with Dr. Ed McCabe who has the shocking information they aren’t going to tell you on the fake news.  He says in this interview that you can basically cure almost anything by flooding your body with oxygen.  The body begins to heal itself when given the extra oxygen and plant-based minerals it needs!    This oxygen kills bad bacteria, viruses and flushes out waste products and toxins.  It even gets rid of unhealthy cells so they can be replaced with new healthy ones!  You rebuild your entire body within just months!  Dr. McCabe completely destroys the traditional pill based medical system and how they control us!  Do you how many people we can see healed if you will just share the information?

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Every share you do takes money from the Rockefeller scum who have killed us for over 100 years with their pills whie they laughed and never took any of them!  Get this interview with dr. McCabe everywhere!

Dr. Otto Warburg said in 1924 that the prime cause of cancer was when the body began to replace the normal respiration of oxygen by fermentation of sugar.  Dr. McCabe says that cancer is the body’s defense mechanism when it’s not getting enough oxygen!  He says we’re being sprayed by chemtrails full of bacteria and viruses that grow tiny wires inside your body changing the frequency of your organs which leads to death.  He recounts a story where his friend had a girlfriend with Morgelleons disease and it went away using Ozone therapy.   Giving your body extra Oxygen kills these viruses and bacteria and solves many other problems such as ulcers which he says is caused by bacteria!


There are many ways to get extra oxygen into your body.  He doesn’t suggest using hydrogen peroxide therapy anymore because he said the hydrogen causes some issues.   He recommends ozone therapy and some other things.  There are two other things that I’ve found that dramatically increase your oxygen in your blood.  They’ve done amazing things!   One is called APeXOxygen Infusion and the other is called Prodovite.  I’ve completely gotten rid of nagging back pain and joint pain since I began using these products.   You can watch videos about both of those methods below and go to the websites for more information.  Clearly oxygen is the key to everything!

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