Is Ron Paul is geuinely supporting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange?

Washington is known for not staying true to words and being a big game time player. When none of the Washington power holders support, there are a few like Ron Paul who support. For normal eyes it looks that this guy is battling his life out to support Julian Assange but who knows that this can be a net to capture Julian Assange who single handedly destroyed the USA’s reputation before even Eric Snowden showed the world, the real face of the Washington.

Ron Paul

Many Republicans especially former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee have been highly vocal against the Wikileaks founder, even going to an extent of saying that the source which delivered the data of the USA government to Julian Assange should be tried and must be executed if found guilty. Though, Attorney General Eric Holder said that the case is being examined to check what should be done for the leakage of the reports but if you follow the USA government closely then you must be knowing that the result of the case is already concluded. The Washington is waiting for Julian Assange to return to America before they pounce on him. At the wake of these events comes the statement of Ron Paul who says that we are a free society and one must know the truth in any circumstance. But wait Mr. Paul aren’t we living in a pseudo free society where we are indirectly controlled by the people at power who misuse their power for their benefits? It is not clear if he is really worried actually or he is being trap creator for the Washington by being their gatekeeper but he went on to say that if people saying truth are facing trouble then it is a real problem for the society. Yes Mr. Paul we agree it is a real problem but your USA government is being the villian in this Wikileaks saga and trying to dominate as they dominated Saddam Hussain case, you remember?

Though we cannot come to any conclusion but if he was genuinely supporting Wikileaks case then Republicans opposing Assange must have fought with this guy but they are not cutting his point which smells fishy. So, this shadows a dark cloud in case of genuinity of Ron Paul’s support.

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