Scientists “A Brown Dwarf Is Closing on the Solar System”

Scientists have found the reasons for solar wind anomalies and they blame it on a brown dwarf star.

A brown dwarf is 95% invisible to human eyes and was once believed to be composed of hydrogen even though these stars have been long associated with spectral emissions in the same range as helium. That theory was put to rest, quietly so, when further spectral analysis revealed that most brown dwarfs emit or are surrounded by cosmic rays of helium or clouds of helium. But one other element seems to be quite common in the spectral analysis of brown dwarfs. That element is lithium. By all accounts the astronomy profession considers the presence of lithium as a firm marker for brown dwarf stars.

The scientists in the video below were attempting to explain the sudden increase of electrons we were seeing in our own magnetosphere. While trying to explain the sudden disappearance of protons (ionized hydrogen). The monumental importance of many of these findings relates to evidence showing that a brown dwarf may be getting awfully close to our solar system.

The scientists that evaluated the nature of cosmic rays (not coming from the sun) have concluded that this cloud of helium that has entered the solar system is not there by accident. In a phone interview with a member of the Higher Truth Channel “more than one scientific instrument is measuring this ever increasing density of helium. Now they are picking up increases of cosmic rays consisting of lithium. “

The significance cannot be understated! For the last 5 years the scientists at the Higher Truth Channel have steadfastly maintained that a brown dwarf is inbound coming out of the constellation Aquarius. Ironically, this is where NASA disclosures have identified a brown dwarf in nearly the exact same location that these scientists claim Planet X resides. This solar system was named Trappist.

When looking at how interstellar lithium comes to be one can see a fusion process in medium size red giants that fuse helium into lithium and lithium into beryllium. Since nobody can prove that Earth is traveling through a super nova, what other source of lithium can possibly exist other than a brown dwarf?

In this video, scientists examine data from various instruments that measure the inbound cosmic rays. Science articles were written regarding increasing “interstellar dust” and helium/lithium. In another quote from the Higher Truth Channel “we have all heard the term smoking gun” and I have literally just shown you the smoke. NASA has covered up the smoke with a lot of smoke of their own.

Indeed it appears that helium and lithium is the kind of smoke produced by brown dwarfs. Even though it is in fact public record that this smoke exists and that its impact can be measured still many people will shrug their shoulders and go back to watching “reality” TV.

Note: This video is highly technical but if you stay with it you might actually smell something burning.


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