Trump-Hater Helps Illegals Cross U.S. Border, Repaid With BRUTAL Surprise

Liberal activists have no understanding of the forces that they are dealing with. They are filled with passion, but little common sense.

Hugo Castro is a volunteer with Border Angels, a group which helps illegal immigrants cross the border. He was repaid for his efforts by being kidnapped and brutally beaten. Castro released the following video before he went missing.

Hugo Castro washed up at a hospital outside of Mexico City after being reported missing last week. (via SD Union Tribune).

The exact group who kidnapped and attacked Castro remains unknown but others in the Border Angels group insinuate that he had been targeted by Mexican gangs.

Mexican cartels generate exorbitant profits by smuggling illegal immigrants across the border and they did not take kindly to an activist doing their job for free.

Castro claims that he was cornered and beaten while riding on a bus before he was stranded on the side of the road. He also claimed that taxis refused to pick him up.

The liberal activist began volunteering for Border Angels with good intentions without understanding the reality of human trafficking. “The road to hell” is paved with these “good intentions,” as they say…

Border Angels is a tax-exempt not-for-profit dedicated to humanitarian efforts around the border. They claim that they do not help any cross the border, and they only provide life-saving care to those already en route.

However, the attack against Castro makes it apparent that the group is involved in human smuggling in some way. If they were only providing humanitarian support, then the Mexican cartels would not consider them a threat.

Something is fishy about the disappearance of Castro. There is still no indication of who abducted him or where he was taken for the entire week he was missing.

The U.S. border is a dangerous place, and liberal activists are clearly not suited for the reality of their causes.

H/T: The Angry Patriot

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    That’s what happens when you dance with the Devil you get the horns