udge Jeanine Just Shredded the Top Democrat in America in Front of Everyone

Judge Jeanine Pirro has always stood up for what she believes in and has never been afraid to tell it like it is — much to the chagrin of Democrats.

DNC Chairman Thomas Perez recently made comments claiming President Trump “didn’t win the election,” which he basically screamed from the rooftops. Judge Jeanine then responded perfectly by describing all of the great things President Trump has done and started, such as modernizing our military and strengthening law enforcement.


She didn’t even stop there and went after Perez in epic fashion, which should leave him reeling. “What are our values?” Judge Jeanine said in response to Perez’s indictment that Trump doesn’t represent “our” values. “And what is it you want us to resist? Law and order, the letter of the law, the Constitution, the plenary powers of the president to protect Americans?”

This is yet another stupid set of comments by Perez, and he should think twice next time before speaking out.

Once again, there is an extremist in charge of the DNC, and this is why more and more people are turning away from the Democrat Party every day. Perez may not be Keith Ellison, but he’s a fool nonetheless.

Democrats had a disastrous election late last year, and they have not improved their fortune since. People like Perez, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi are continually tarnishing the already poor reputation of the left. It’s screw-ups like this who are waking people up and and making them realize that we finally have a president who does what he says he will do.

Since Trump first got into office, he has followed through with all of his pre-election promises in some shape or fashion.

This is more than can be said for Barack Obama, who turned his back on everything he campaigned for, leaving the people who supported him worse off than they previously had been. The DNC, still reeling from their embarrassing defeat at Trump’s hands, has also been humiliated thanks to the exposure of their sensitive documents, which showed the extent of their corruption.

It is hard to see a road back for this party after so much of the truth about them was revealed, and the Republicans look set to dominate for some time now. It certainly is an exciting future for everyone who holds even a monocle of conservative ideals — the next few years are going to be interesting to say the least.

If people like Paul Ryan are kept back from inflicting their doomed agendas on Congress, America will soon be back in a great place once more. The economy is soaring, unemployment is decreasing, and consumer confidence is at an all-time high since President Trump got into office.

It is always great to be Americans, but it is especially the case when we have a patriot in the White House.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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