Who is Gerald M. Rogers

Gerald M. Rogers, this man was the holder of Guinness world record for the most pierced man of several years was born in 1916. Unfortunately, the piercing who gave him this famed record was the reason for his death too in 2001 and was buried at Habitant Cemetery, Habitant, Kings County

gerald m. rogers

Nova Scotia, Canada. He died one of the most bizarre deaths when he tried to go through a metal detector in LAX airport of Los Angeles. It is reported that his pierced face got ripped off from his body as soon he tried to go through the metal detector. His entire face got ripped off as the piercing got attracted by the machine as expected by the authorities of the LAX airport. This is how a colourful man died a death which can be said to be ridiculous.

Even it is said as per the sources that the authorities of the airport warned him but he was confident enough to pass through it as he claimed to have passed these metal detectors safely in the past. His sweet family consists of his wife Arleen J. Rogers, with whom he gave birth to two sons and two daughters who are already married. His relatives include his brother Ronald Rogers and his wife Suzie.

Looking at the way of Gerald M. Rogers died unexpectedly, one must learn to not go against the wave when we know it can be dangerous or else bizarre death may occur to us but it will give sorrow to the family for a long time as they lost a person whom they should not have lost so early. Doing stunts and somersault when you are sure of the outcomes is always welcomed, as it pleases the public eyes but this one was more overwhelming stupidity than anything else. So, live safe as your life is precious for your near and dear ones

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