Wikileaks leaked the CIA’s computer hacking tool and exposed CIA!

CIA’s computer hacking tools’ report by Wikileaks brings to the fore the danger NSA contractor Eric Snowden made the world aware about. This shows how the CIA can penetrate easily to the electronic goods. These are the goods we use in day to day life. This can be a cause of fearing our privacy. Even senior vice-president at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, James Lewis explains that it is mostly done to show that Russia may be even not supporting Trump.

Russia vs cia

Washington sees this leak as a more of a result of its battle with Russia. Even it sees Wikileaks being with Moscow in this battle. This leaks is also seen by many to show that Trump is not a Russia man as many claimed that Russia leaking the emails of Hillary Clinton was to let Trump win.

Russia Wikileaks

This might prove the strong claim made by Trump that Russia was not behind him for the election win. But on a greater view this leak discloses how brutally CIA follows the personal life of even a common man. This brings one more question in front of us regarding why Wikileaks skeptically leaked Hillary’s emails during the critical stages of the election. The answers claimed by the reputed sources explains that Russia was more no Hillary than pro Trump. It means that is why the emails were leaked critically at important stages against her. But a deleted message of Roger Stone claiming to have back channel connection with Julian Assange adds more ifs and buts to this saga.

Though nothing can be concluded but the source claimed by Wikileaks is a former government hacker or contractor. This means we can see another Eric Snowden coming from somewhere. This can make the life of the USA government more miserable than ever. This adds to this confusing saga.

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