15 of 15 police officers on the scene of 9/11 died due to cancer this year.

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On September 11, 2001, 15 of the policemen who were involved in search and rescue operations in the New York City Trade Center building were reported to have died of cancer this year.

The report, published by the World Trade Center Health Program under the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says cancer has occurred in up to 10,000 people due to toxic substances at the scene. To date, more than 2,000 people have died from diseases related to 9/11.

The average age of rescuers first dispatched to the scene is about 55 years old. Although it is true that cancer rates increase with age, cancer rates are 30 percent higher than in the same age group, according to Dr. Michael Crane of the World Trade Center Health Program. “We are nervous.”

John Morman, 51, a marathon and triathlon triathlete, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of this year. The proportion of male breast cancer patients is less than 1% of the total. At least 15 men near the scene were diagnosed with breast cancer and were battling it, said Michael Barrash, a New York State attorney who is helping 9/11 victims.

John Fill, who works with Barash, is working to inform field survivors that they will get help from the World Trade Center health program. “As the death toll grows, the association is shrinking. 9/11 is not over. It was the longest day in history. “

It was officially announced that 9/11 was committed by 19 al Qaeda terrorists. However, there are still suspicions that fifteen are Saudi Arabian citizens and that the support of the Saudi Arabian government has been delayed by the release of the 28-page report on the US Senate Intelligence report.

The official death toll from 9/11 was 2,753, but no bodies were found for about 1,000 victims.

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