First Home Footage of the Pentagon after 9/11 Puts the Issue to Rest

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The reasoning behind the choice of the powers that be as it seems, to place a figurehead like Trump in the office of president for purposes of distraction and division is all too clear now.

Why did they have to install a fake truther, a war-hawk like the rest simultaneously posing as a freedom fighter to some, and an angry misogynist tyrant to others in the White House?

Because to a certain extent, the side of thinking things through is winning over the part of the population that doesn’t critically think through anything, as now some of the latest polls report that over half the American population doesn’t believe the official narrative about 9/11.

Eloquently put by one article, today “Today, instead of 9/11 being perceived as a terrorist attack, it’s more so perceived as a plot, conducted by some very powerful people, to create an event that would justify the invasion of the Middle East by the United States and their allies for ulterior motives.”

9/11 is eternally relevant for the fact that it was the moment governments had justification to fully unleash the police state, the surveillance state, and every other thing of that nature, but it is also relevant for another very important reason.

What is called false flag terrorism could still be happening today. That’s to say the very least, if you know you already know, but for those who don’t know, articles like this can’t even elaborate on things an author finds to be the truth without risking an article being taken down for some bullsh**t about factual errors when the truth is, fact checking websites don’t believe what we consider facts, are facts.

With the latest supposed sarin gas attack in Syria this April, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad specifically, clearly emphasized the fact that the event was an absolute fabrication, and Russian president Vladimir Putin agreed. He straight up called it the equivalent of a false flag.

The use of “false flags” as strategy in warfare seems to be a cornerstone of this era.

Now, a plethora of different studies published in credentialed, peer-reviewed engineering and physics journals have proven without a shadow of a doubt that the towers 1, 2, and especially 7 in the WTC complex could only have really been brought down by controlled demolition on that fateful day of September 11, 2001.

Now, this video here is just another piece of evidence to add to a person’s complete, full mental picture of what happened. This was the Pentagon on 9/11: definitely doesn’t look like a plane hitting the building, parallel with the ground.

However unfortunately the truth about 9/11 truth is, everybody is tired. It has now been over 15 years since 9/11, and a once passionate movement to learn and spread what they feel is the truth about the issue, or the people encouraging an independent analysis, it’s flat.

That’s only to be expected: the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth and similar groups did great work, and their work has not entirely fallen on deaf ears, but yet nothing is really happening.

It may sound bleak, but nothing ever really happens when people protest or do anything. Reality is very extreme, and the reality is that the overwhelming force of the wealthy runs right through the weak will of a population made docile by all the distractions and indulgences that we have.

In other words, people are tired and apathetic here in the final years of the 2010’s decade, and the people in power have done so much to advance their agenda, it’s going to take a lot for the few remaining conscious, sane, not naive people to preserve a future for themselves, for us.

For those who don’t want to live in some technocracy, or smart city, or police state, or surveillance state. We don’t want to end up like Hangzhou, China.

(Image credit: linkezeitungwonderfulengineering911research)


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