Pros and cons of electronic cigarettes or Vaping

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if you have tried every possible thing for quitting smoking but have failed miserably only to take up smoking more than you had quit, it is time you switched to the electronic cigarettes.

It is popularly believed that one can get the accurate experience of smoking a real cigarette and the possibility of putting your health to risk is reduced by smoking electronic cigarettes or vape. The base liquids of the electronic cigarettes include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and also polyethylene glycol.

However, it has been stated by the World Health Organization that there has not been any peer review and rigorous studies that have been carried to prove that it is actually safe and effective therapy for nicotine replacement. However, the possibilities of the electronic cigarettes being effective as a cessation aid for smoking have not been discarded by the World Health Organization. WHO insists on the point that it is important that clinical studies and analysis of toxicity backs up the claim.

In the year 2010, there was a meeting of Tobacco Regulation in Uruguay which came up with warnings regarding the electronic cigarettes. The representatives of Thailand, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong have been the signatories of the treaty

There are doubts regarding the craving reduction capabilities of electronic cigarettes but it is an effective way of switching to an alternative to regular tobacco smoking which is definitely more harmful than electronic cigarettes. There are no smokes in the electronic cigarettes as the smoke you see is only water vapor. The tip of the stick has an LED light that appears as fire. There are a lot of brands in the market to choose from when it comes to electronic cigarettes.Find Out More >

E-cigarettes: why is it a smarter option?

People start with smoking in a casual way but end up being completely dependent on this worthless addiction. Even moderate consumption of alcohol can contribute to your immune system but there are absolutely no benefits of smoking. It affects your lungs in a bad way and reduces your energy. You will lose your youthful vigor very early if you are a smoker. The effects are far more serious than you think it to be. A huge number of people die every year for cancer and one of the main reasons for the disease is the consumption of tobacco. The habit not only affects you but it harms people in your close proximity as well. Therefore, you as well as your family members are in danger. It is very important that you get rid off this habit at once. However, it is true that smoking is a habit that is very difficult to quit.

However, with the introduction of the electronic cigarettes, all excuses of quitting the nasty habit seems lame. These amazing devices are designed to give you the accurate taste of the regular cigarettes while removing all the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.

Some Of The Basic Features Of The Electronic Cigarettes Are As Follows:

  • The electronic cigarettes function on the principle of water vapor. Therefore, it is completely harmless.
  • There is no smoke emitted during the consumption. The smoke that is seen is nothing but water vapor. Therefore they could be consumed at public places as well.
  • To give the feeling of a real cigarette, there is an LED light at the tip of the stick which looks like fire.
  • They are available in different flavors.
  • The start-up kits come complete with batteries, chargers and cartridges etc.

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