Where On Earth Are NASA’s Rovers Sending Pictures From? Devon Island, Canada

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NASA admits it’s “Mars” Rovers are tested on Devon Island, Canada where the terrain very closely resembles that of Mars, as we see them on photos released by NASA.

But here’s a thing:

NASA doesn’t merely “test” their rovers on Devon Island. They also show us images of Devon Island, while claiming they are images of Mars.

This can be prove by the fact that anomalies spotted in “Mars” photos can be easily shown to be things that are found on earth … and more specifically, Devon Island.

NASA’s technique of coloring the whole ground so to make it look like Mars (as you will see), made the small creature look like a rock — until someone with a sharp eye spotted it.

In the following video, from minute 3:18 to 5:30, you can see just how easy it is to make any environment look like a Martian desert.

The author of the video, Danny Wilten, takes a random picture from Earth (Ireland, to be more specific), where there is a fair amount of vegetation and even has a road with a white van on it.

In only five minutes of work, he manages to remove the car and the road, and turn all the vegetation into a barren, reddish landscape, similar to NASA’s pictures of Mars.

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